Computability in Europe 2018

CiE 2018 is the 14th conference organized by CiE (Computability in Europe), a European association of mathematicians, logicians, computer scientists, philosophers, physicists and others interested in new developments in computability and their underlying significance for the real world.

Important dates


Local organizers

Florin Manea
Dirk Nowotka

Previous Conferences

  1. CiE 2005: New Computational Paradigms: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  2. CiE 2006: Logical Approaches to Computational Barriers: Swansea, UK
  3. CiE 2007: Computation and Logic in the Real World: Sienna, Italy
  4. CiE 2008: Logic and Theory of Algorithms: Athens, Greece
  5. CiE 2009: Mathematical Theory and Computational Practice: Heidelberg, Germany
  6. CiE 2010: Programs, Proofs, Processes: Ponta Delgada (Azores), Portugal
  7. CiE 2011: Models of Computation in Context: Sofia, Bulgaria
  8. CiE 2012 – Turing Centenary Conference: How the World Computes: Cambridge, UK
  9. CiE 2013: The Nature of Computation – Logic, Algorithms, Application: Milan, Italy
  10. CiE 2014: Language, Life, Limits: Budapest, Hungary
  11. CiE 2015: Evolving Computability: Bucharest, Romania
  12. CiE 2016: Pursuit of the Universal: Paris, France
  13. CiE 2017: Unveiling Dynamics and Complexity: Turku, Finland